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Ghana's #1 Free Website Creation Tutorials.

Ghana's Nr.1 free website and blog creation tutorial center, a place where beginners could start learning how to create a website, a blog or establish a real Online business at ease.

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The 2 Essential Steps To Owning A Website Or a Blog.

The necessary 2 steps you'll need to think about first, before thinking of owning a website or blog, are a Domain Name, and Web Hosting.

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name is simply, the address a user will type into a browser in order to ... Read ahead.

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the process whereby a website will be stored on a remote server ... Read ahead.

Ready To Own A Website? Learn What You Need To Know Outright.

Now that you know what you'll need to get started, learn the following steps below and carry on to establish your website.

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  1. Learn how to reserve or register a domain name, and what you need to know about domain names, what they are, why you need one, and how to choose a good one.
  2. Learn about FREE and PAID web hosting, get the in-depth secrets about them before making a plan on which method to choose.
  3. Learn how to select a good and a reliable web hosting solution that provides services 24/7 around the clock, and affordable prices.
  4. Learn how to select the right keywords for your web pages and get the real understanding of SEO.
  5. Learn how to create your site pages, find the tools you'll need to use, and learn how to use them.
  6. Learn how to test your website pages for the compatibilities of all major browsers [CBS].
  7. Learn how to upload data to your remote server, find the tools you'll need for this, and learn how to use them the right way.
  8. Learn how to validate your website to the web standard, using the W3C Markup and CSS Validation Tools.
  9. Learn how to promote your website or blog the right way, with our step by step method even a twelve-year-old can easily follow up.
  10. Learn how to convert many sources into traffic, and drive them to your website or blog, boosting your conversion rate to the highest.
  11. Learn how to monetize your website or blog using Google Adsense the simplified way.
  12. Learn how to monetize your website or blog with Affiliate marketing, without stress.

Basic HTML Web Page.

I know you are longing for getting started with writing some codes. Below is a simple HTML basic code you can start examining with, seeing how the source code of a web page could look like.

Source Code

<title>My First HTML Title</title>
<h1>My First HTML Heading</h1>
<p>This is a paragraph containing 
an <em>emphasized</em> 
confession that says...
<em>I'm really excited, 
I can markup HTML now, Wao!.</em>

The above HTML code you're seeing is just a piece of the cake for your appetite. Study it carefully before getting started with our real HTML tutorials for more. You may also check our CSS tutorials.

Display In Browser

The above source code you're seeing, if copied, paste into an HTML editor, save it as a dot HTML file [e.g. index.html] and previewed in a browser, will it show up as indicated below.

[Below is how the code will diplay in your browser.]

My First HTML Heading

This is a paragraph containing an emphasized confession, saying... I'm really excited, I can markup HTML now, Wao!.

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